Brand Experience

Brand Experience

We translate what you stand for into distinctive and memorable visual experiences wherever your customers encounter you.

The product is the hero of the brand, whether it is digital, physical or a service. However, when customers buy a product, they are buying much more than functionality.

When customers buy a product, they are buying identification and trust. Notation translates what a brand stands for and its purchase drivers into cleverly interlinked brand touchpoints that carry customers on their journey to their desired product and build long-lasting brand bonds. We always go beyond the beautiful.

We are convinced that well-designed brand experiences make corporate strategies and internal perspectives accessible and emotionally tangible for customers, differentiate companies from the competition, and lead to lasting commercial success.

Brand Design

Reflect a brand’s personality
in its visual appearance.

Visual Language

Communicate through
brand-building images.

Brand Space Design

Foster brand bonding
through spatial experiences.

We offer our expertise of brand experience design on the following topics:

Holistic Rebranding / Brand Stories & Movies /
Corporate Design Development / CD Assets & Guidelines / CD Education & Multiplication / Packaging Design /
Point of Purchase Design / Brand Space Experiences / Retail & Store Design / Trade Fair Design

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