Visual Language

Images say in a moment…

...what would otherwise take a thousand words. They speak directly to the observer’s feelings, memories and desires. Whether moving or still, images are crucial to defining the brand and remain the most effective tool for clearly conveying messages.

For Sennheiser, we developed a visual language strategy consisting of a rational image level, which celebrates the beauty of the products in all their detail, and an emotional image level, which conveys moving experiences that go beyond the technical device itself. The symbiotic dialogue between these levels creates strong brand recognition across all media.
Rational Appeals: proudly showcase the ability of their sound specialists, sound engineers, and designers with clear, precise, architectonic images.
Light and shadow add volume to a shape, provide focus and make objects tangible and desirable.
Capturing authentic and fleeting moments with a documentary approach.
Experience our Holistic Brand Identity for Sennheiser
Link product experiences with long-held dreams, desires, and memories and expresses this with authentic imagery.
Experience our Holistic Brand Identity for Sennheiser
Emotional appeals: Showcasing experiences from their customers' perspectives authentically and believably.