Product Experience

Product Design

We ensure that your strategic goals are reflected in innovative products and services — both physical and digital.

The product — whether digital, physical or a service — is the final word on whether the brand promises were kept. As the brand ambassador, it must deliver on these promises in the customers’ daily lives.

Notation combines knowledge of what a brand stands for and the needs of its customers with extensive technological expertise and a passion for creating beautiful products that are both highly functional and emotionally moving to the user.

We believe that co-creation with experts from different disciplines and agile design thinking have the power to create products that better fulfill customers’ dreams and expectations — and help you achieve your business goals.

Design DNA

Immediately associate a product with a brand.

Design Family

Recognize that different products belong together.

Digital Design

Turn requirements into user stories to help them navigate intuitively through digital experiences.

We offer our expertise of brand experience design on the following topics:

Holistic Rebranding / Brand Stories & Movies /
Corporate Design Development / CD Assets & Guidelines / CD Education & Multiplication / Packaging Design /
Point of Purchase Design / Brand Space Experiences / Retail & Store Design / Trade Fair Design

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