Digital Experience

Digital Design

Digital products put the user in the driver’s seat and are constantly being optimized to make everyday life more pleasant and delightful.

Digital applications accompany us everywhere and are always at our fingertips. Some stand alone, while others facilitate or control physical products and services. Their users no longer read instruction manuals; they expect to achieve what they want to achieve in the most convenient and self-explanatory way possible.

For Sennheiser, we developed a distinctive and user-centric design strategy that includes human-machine interactions, usability patterns and visual coherence. A product is more than an idea, more than a website, and more than a transaction or list of functions. A product should provide an experience or service that adds value to someone’s life by fulfilling a need or satisfying a desire. 

We are storytellers. We ask questions, find answers, and figure out how to distill a vision or idea into a product story.
User interaction at its best with the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar, its remote control, and the Smart Control APP for an intuitive and immersive experience.
Smart Control App — one app compatible with various premium headphones and soundbars.
Smart Control App — a symbiosis of logical user guidance and magical moments like the equalizer to fine-tune sound preferences.